Tools and Resources

For those who want to simulate the numbers or need even more details because I completely understand that solar an be quite the investment!

Solar Estimate .Org
This website is a great place to start to get a good idea on the estimated cost and savings when purchasing a solar system for your home.

Project Sunroof
Produced by Google, this resource will give you more specific estimates to your home address such as estimate roofing surface and hours of sunlight to give you a good idea if your house is a good candidate for solar energy or not.

Tesla Solar Panels
If you find that the cost of solar is too high with Palmetto, then I will suggest a DIY install or visiting Tesla to look for a more attractive pricing for a similar experience. Only difference here is that I keep tabs with all of my Palmetto customers so you can always be in touch with me. But I feel giving you options is always a good idea.

YouTube Video from JerryRigsEverything about doing a DIY (Do it yourself) install on your home! (cheapest option)

Click on the YouTube button within the video if you wish to read the description for full details and the links he mentioned.